11 Gallons - 42 liters

Lighting: 2x 7w Compact fluorescent; 12 hours a day
Filtration: internal filter - UNI-Filter 280 from a Polish company AquaEL
CO2: No
Substrate: black gravel
Decorations: Rocks (personally collected in the wild) and Oak leaf litter (Quercus robur)
Water changes: weekly 25% + dechlorinator Aqua Safe
Background: DIY black paper
Heater: no heater, room temperature between 22 and 26 Celsius
Fertilisation: every month 2ml of each PMDD (3 bottles), will reduce after 6 month when the tank matures (aquarium mulm)
Plants: Java fern (Microsorum pteropus), Java moss (Vesicularia dubyana) and Hygrophila polysperma ' Rosanervig '
Inhabitants: a group of Red Cherry Shrimps (Neocaridina denticulata sinensis-red), a group of Malaysian Trumpet snails, a few Red Ramshorn snails, 20 Boraras maculatus, a group of Caridina "Cristal Red" shrimps, various worms and microorganisms.

For more info please visit my 11 Gallons South East Asia Nature aquarium.