The River Bank

NOTE !!! Click Here - Video UPDATE 06-11-2011

Tank dimensions; 180 litres
Lights; 2x39 watts T-5's
Filtration; 1 x 1100 l/h and 1 x 650 l/h (+ venturi air)
Substrate; fine sand 0,4-0,8mm
Background; Slim-Line Back to Nature (Red)
Decoration; Rocks and pebbles + Red Moor Wood hanging from above
Flora; Echinodorus rubra and Echinodorus harbii, aslo some Cryptocoryne sp. and Aponogeton boivinianus.
Fauna; 9x P. denisonii, 4x Garra flavatra, 4x Parotocinclus jumbo, 1x Neritina zebra snail and 4x Tylomelania sp. Gold snails
Fertiliser; Easy Carbo 8ml per day and Pro Fito 10ml weekly
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