Reef Tank - 180 lit

Tank size: 180 litres
Started: December 2008
Reef type: Soft corals
Skimmer: Ferplast internal Bluskimmer 550
Circulation pumps:
2x 2300 l/h Koralia 2
1x 990 l/h AquaClear with a Hydor Bioflo på (the AquaClear is connected to the Fluval Surface Skimmer)
2x 39 watts T-5's Aquablue 15000K (10 hours on)
2x 30 watt T-8's Sylvania Actinic (12 hours on)
1x Centropyge vroliki
2x Amphiprion Ocellaris
3x Chrysiptera hemicyanea
1x Amblygobius hectori
1x Ecsenius bicolor

1x Lysmata wurdemanni
a few Blue/Red legged Hermit Crabs
8x Nassarius distortus (very good snails which dig through the substrate)
a few Trochus snails
2x Mitrax Crabs

Xenia, Cladiella, Hairy Mushroom, Briareum, Ricordea, Anthelia, Sinularia sp., S. flexibilis, Lobophyton, Lithophyton, various Mushrooms, Euphyllia sp., a few Zoa Polyps

Water change: every 2-3 month 20 liter
I dose every 1-2 weeks Tropic Marine BioCalcium and BioMagnesium + Iodine every now and then (very low maintenance).